Integrated Disaster Warning Solution

One-Click Integrated Disaster Management Platform

One-Click Integrated Disaster Management Platform

One-Click Disaster Integration Platform performs real-time situation propagation, display, and information sharing at the same time for immediate disaster response by utilizing various disaster information collected through smart sensors and public data as a big-data based integrated DB.
Convenient integrated management and warning even for existing other models!
  • Quick integration linkage and command through linkage between many other models such as disaster warning device, disaster electronic board, DMB, RDS, BIS, village broadcasting, indoor broadcasting and automatic rain gauge, etc.

  • Integrated display by standardizing information received from different smart sensors(rainfall/water level/snow/earthquale/AWS/radiation/air quality)

Receive and propagate public data from Meteorological agency and others
  • Information gathering and integrated situation propagation through information and system linkage from various agencies
  • Operate warnings through various information gathering including weather, earthquake, marine, wildfire, disease and other disasters.
Customizable platform that only uses what are in needs without wasting budget
  • In order to solve the budget waste caused by redundant installation by operating independently by region and institution, One-click disaster integration platform utilizes existing system to reduce budget consumption

Intuitive GIS-based UI for user-friendly system
  • Intuitive and easy to construct UI using GIS-based information display
  • Real-time data collection of meteorological information and seismic sensor information
  • Edit and register text for warning broadcasting for various disaster situation
  • Designate a contact person who can receive SMS to spread warning in case of disaster

System Configuration
  • Currently, the biggest problem in disaster situation management is that it is difficult to quickly analyze and respond to disaster situations due to the lack of integrated situation management
  • One-Click Disaster Integration Platform is an integrated disaster management system that integrates and displays distributed disaster information and propagates the situation to registered other warning devices and related agencies in case of emergency
  • One-Click Disaster Integration Platform collects public data and smart sensor data, propagates disaster situation through various warning devices, and informs users by displaying information real-time.
One-Click Integrated Warning System
  GIS-based disaster situation display by region
  • It provides various selection function (individual/group/all) to perform rapid warning propagation and display the history of broadcasting transmission.

  Display of Meteorological information and location of warning device
  • Disaster announcement of Meteorological agency, such as weather report and earthquake notice, is displayed and automatic broadcasting is performed according to the corrensponding telegram

  • It displays and manages status of disaster devices registered MAP-based.

  Detailed setting for warning
  • Set warning mode in advance to provide warning broadcasting mode and drill mode through quick individual broadcasting mode and scenario.

Benefits of One-Click Disaster Integration Platform

   Warning situation management by user according to Web access authority

Users can be authorized for warning situation propagation and situation management, and can quickly response to disasters by accessing through the web from remote locations.

   Real-time intelligent warning situation propagation

In order to propagate the disaster situation quickly, pop-up notification will be provided to pre-registered PC for decision making.

Main Features

   Big-data based information linkage standardization

  • Comprehensive disaster data standardization including various disaster information and smart sensors, etc.
  • Sharing and utilizing standardized disaster data among relevant agencies

    One-Click Disaster Integration Management Service

  • Save and manage warning scenarios for disasters
  • SOP-based One-click warning and drill command

※ SOP : Standard Operation Procedure is the manual indicated step by step procedures of emergency response in case of disaster

    GIS-based integrated disaster management visualization

  • Monitoring disaster situation based on GIS 3D Map technology
  • Diversification of content size, representation, and layout according to the usage environment

    Provide real-time video from disaster location

  • Real-time on-site video by linking disaster video information system
  • Automatic screen movement and video play of disaster site

    Propagation of warning situation to other model disaster equipment

  • Real-time situation propagation to various other model devices
  • Propagation to related agencies such as disaster agency and support agency

    Customized infrastructure control

  • Control facilities in buildings to prevent secondary damage from disaster
  • Customized control service considering local and special situation
Disaster Situation Display Solution

By providing GIS-based operation screen, it provides the optimal environment for performing integrated disaster management by situation!
  • Display various disaster information based on location on a single screen (quick response to disasters)
  • Display the statistics of gathered information data, average value of data, statistics of warning situation propagation through dashboard screen composition
  • Display various data such as AWS, rainfall, water level, wave buoy, satellite, radar, typhoon, air quality
  • Multiple display screens for efficient disaster management
User-friendly interface!
  • Interface that satisfies both intuition and visibility by displaying with familiar GIS-based operation screen and intuitive displaying method.
Free screen layout for each user according to the operating environment
  • Interface that satisfies both intuition and visibility by displaying with familiar operation screen and intuitive displaying method.

GIS-based Electronic Situation Management
  GIS-based disaster situation display by regional level
  • Various information can be seen at a glance based on GPS, and the best environment for performing integrated disaster management is provided.

    It also automatically displays video from registered camera when a disaster occurs.

  Display Satellite•Radar•Typhoon video
  • Various weather information collected from the Meteorological agency such as satellite, rainfall, radar, and typhoon video is displayed on the screen

  Display weather and water level information
  • Weather and water level information from each regional level is displayed

  Display earthquake information
  • Earthquake notification of Meteorological agency (time, scale, location, etc.) and micro seismograph measurement information (equipment, intensity, time, location, etc.) is displayed

Benefits of One-Click Disaster Integration Platform

    Free screen layout by user and customized screen by disaster situation

Menus can be configured according to regional characteristic such as localized heavy rain and flood and system operation status installed in each region.

In addition, the disaster management screen can be configured with users’ selected items which provides efficiency and visibility for integrated management of disaster situation.

    Visualized info-graphic for various disaster

It provides visualized data using various description methods such as icon, figures, graphs, and detailed numbers for various types of disaster situation.

Other linkage solution

Disaster propagation and evacuation guidance system at train station
  • Earthquake response system in every train station!

    Quick and precise disaster information transmitted in the station.

Disaster broadcasting system in the tunnels
  • Situation propagation to the people evacuated by car and into the tunnel
  • Integrated propagation by linking with the electronic board and broadcasting system at the highway rest area!
Intelligent Wildfire Response System
  • Warning broadcasting and quick situation propagation through the linkage with existing warning system and the unmanned intelligent wildfire monitoring system optimized for monitoring video, smoke, and heat.
Livestock Disease Management System
  • Inform collected livestock disease information from related agency to users, so they can promptly deliver standard guidelines for the situation to farm and livestock quarantine through broadcasting and SMS

Railway Disaster Warning Broadcasting System
  • In the event of disaster, the system receives the information and quickly spread the situation at the train station.

    It independently receives disaster and civil defense warning broadcasting from MOIS through DMB receiving module.

  • In case of earthquake, the situation can be quickly propagated within 10 seconds by detecting P-wave with the seismic sensor installed at the situation, and various disaster information can be spread by linking with disaster smart sensor.

  • Disaster situation can be receiver remotely via application and SMS. (Institution manager and operator)

    (It is possible to expand disaster information and other various information service through the application for train passengers)

  • In case of emergency, the situation can be transmitted through LTE module of the warning broadcasting device to smartphones.

Road (Tunnel) Disaster Warning Broadcasting System
  • It is a system that improves the situation propagation and responsiveness in the event of disaster by improving vulnerability of the disaster broadcasting reception environment in tunnel.
  • It can expand disaster broadcasting by connecting with rest stops on the roads, and it is used for propagating accidents in tunnels and on the roads.
  • MOIS transmits DMB disaster broadcasting or propagates disaster situation in the train station through KBS EWS.
  • When the warning is issued, a text is automatically sent to the person in charge, and the situation can be propagated through LTE module of the warning broadcasting device to smartphones in the event of emergency.
  • It independently receives disaster and civil defense warning broadcasting from MOIS through DMB receiving module.
Intelligent Wildfire Response System
  • Wildfire information is collected through linkage with IOT sensors at the site, and warning broadcasting according to the type of fire is sent out through the disaster warning broadcasting at the site.

    In addition, situation is propagated through warning terminals in the neighborhood of wildfire with linkage of disaster warning control system.

  • Disaster warning broadcasting device at the wildfire site can perform its own automatic broadcasting in connection with the IoT sensor at the site.

  • In the event of wildfire, relevant agencies (Fire department, local government, police department, hospital, military, etc.) cooperate each other and strengthen responsiveness against the disaster to minimize the damage.

    (Military: fire fighting support, Fire department: facility & human life protection, Police department: traffic control, Local government: warning propagation, situation management, cooperation)

  • In the event of disasters(rainstorm, typhoon, heavy snow) other than wildfire, it protects human lives and minimizes damage by quickly propagating the situation.

  • Receive disaster situation SMS and check the information through APP, WEB. (Person in charge & operator)

Livestock Disease Management System
  • Livestock disease outbreak information

    - Disease number / Disease name / Farm name (farmer) / Disease type

  • Livestock disease analysis

    - Analysis of virus source and pathway by farm

  • Information of livestock breeding/farm

    - National livestock breeding status

    Status of livestock farms nationwide based on livestock product history and livestock protection information

  • SMS transmission to farmers, livestock protection agency through SMS situation propagation system

  • Integrated situation propagation through the neighboring the area around the disaster site by linkage with disaster warning control system

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