Integrated Disaster Warning Solution

Location-based Disaster Response Solution

Location-based Disaster Response Solution

When it is difficult to find the exit due to heavy smoke during fire
  • Location-based Disaster Response Solution works in conjunction with IoT-based smart sensor and fire surveillance CCTV to identify the location of the fire and provide people in the building with the best escape exit & routes.

Possible to locate people wherever they are!
  • The network ID identification technology automatically analyzes the location information of the wireless communication device of the residents, and performs rescue more efficiently by checking the location of the residents who have not been evacuated in the event of disaster. In addition, the fire surveillance CCTV can check the movement and suppression of the fire in real-time.

  • Location-based Disaster Response Solution can recognize fire and disaster situation thorugh IoT-based smart sensors, and select the optimal evacuation route bvased on the location of the people in the building in case of disaster and send it via smart phone SMS. Also, by registering MAC address of the smart phone, the location of the people can be checked real-time in the case of disaster which helps to quickly identify people and save lives..

Main features of One-Click Disaster Integration Management Service

    Location identification by using wireless communication technology

  • When the smart phone is connected to Wi-Fi through the wireless AP scattered in the building, the MAC address is automatically sent to the wireless AP so that the location information of the smart phone in the building is confirmed.

    Link with Public broadcasting and situation display

  • The disaster situation will be broadcasted in conjunction with the In-Building warning terminal and the information is displayed on the screen.

    Select real-time evacuation route and SMS transmission

    Location of evacuees in the disaster buildings

  • Monitoring disaster situation based on GIS 3D Map technology
  • Diversification of content size, representation, and layout according to the usage environment
  • Location identification of the smart phone through wireless AP confirms the location of the evacuees in the disaster buildings and shares the information with emergency disaster agencies (police department/fire department/hospital) so that the evacuees can be rescued quickly.

    Urgent control of building facilities in case of emergency

  • Emergency control over building facilities such as entrance, elevator, media board, and smart sensor in conjunction with BAS and BMS enables people in the building to recognize the situation and evacuate quickly.

※ BMS : Building Management System

※ BAS : Building Automation System

    Customized information sharing service

  • To establish a rapid disaster response system, the information is shared with disaster related agencies such as emergency disaster agency, smart city operation center.

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