Integrated Disaster Warning Solution

Smart Safety Big board

Smart Safety Big board

Smart Safety Big Board is a solution that can improve municipal operation and maximize public relations effect, and propagate the situation quickly in case of disaster through collecting public data and local government data and system linkage
Municipal operation using big data and digital information required!
  • Mayor’s office performs municipal work through distributed document of each department and institution
  • Providing citizens with various contents such as municipal news and municipal administration status through digital method
Customized contents for each region and linkage service
  • Expansion of information service such as municipal policy in connection with existing facilities such as electronic boards and media boards
  • Secure operation budget through advertisement for citizens such as local businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduced manpower and cost savings for manual advertisement
  • Application of monitoring system provides convenience of operation and efficiency of maintenance management
Proactive disaster response system
  • Quickly providing disaster information by connecting various disaster information such as weather, earthquake, air quality in real-time
  • Building a safe city that protects the safety of citizens as a top priority, such as providing action tips for each disaster situation
System Configuration
Main features

    Municipal operation based on big data

  • Conducting integrated in the Mayor’s office by integrating distributed municipal operation data
  • Providing various contents such as video, image, and text, and maximizing PR effect

    Provide customized contents and service connection

  • Provide various contents such as major policy, municipal announcement, and environment/disaster information
  • Provide various information for citizens and securing operating budget through corporate advertising

   Real-time information transmission through remote management

  • Manager at county and town-level office controls the big board remotely
  • Edit and transmit the contents information of each group and monitor status of devices in remote station

    Expansion of propagation by linking existing facilities

  • Display on terminal of different model by linking the existing management system with Smart Safety Big Board integrated management system at City•County office

    Building a safe environment of the city

  • Propagate the situation quick by linking information such as weather, earthquake, disease, and air quality
  • Implementation of disaster response system for the safety of citizens including giving the action tips for each disaster

    Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Application of monitoring system to increase operational convenience and maintenance efficiency
  • Minimize manpower to reduce costs and promptly provide information
Digital Municipal Integrated management
  GIS-based information display and management
  • Intuitive management and display of various information based on GIS 3D Map technology

  • Free screen layout by selecting the information user wants

  Information display setting and control of Smart Safety Big Board
  • Layout setting
  • Register information for display
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly schedule
  • Disaster information pop-up display setting

  Disaster information linkage and information display management
  • Public data (weather, disaster, disease, etc.)
  • Municipal status (administration, finance, etc.)

  • Civil defense warning status

  • Integrated disaster warning status

  Creating citizen-oriented digitalized Mayor office
  • Comprehensive situation management screen is placed in the Mayor’s office to check all the information including key status and administrative information and reflect and control it in administrative task.

    View and manage municipal status from Mayor’s office

  Smart Big Board screen display

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