Radio Spectrum Management Solution

Radio Spectrum Management Solution

Total Solution for Spectrum Management - Spectrum Monitoring/Direction Finding/Location detection with Fixed/Mobile/Transportable/Portable System

01 Comprehensive spectrum monitoring solution

Provide optimum spectrum measurement and direction finding solution for efficient spectrum management.

  • Comprehensive spectrum monitoring solution with frequency measurement, demodulation, direction finding and GNSS measurement
  • Measurement of emission parameters and unique characteristics of radio signal
  • Measurement of frequency occupation
  • Detection of illegal emission
  • Direction finding and emitter locating
  • Analysis of GNSS signal and jamming detection
  • Feature for DB construction, analysis, statistics of measured data
02 Jamming monitoring solution

Real-time monitoring of various radio jamming and rapid propagation of the situation to minimize the damage.

  • Real-time monitoring solution for radio jamming
  • Monitoring on the frequency band of GNSS ∙ broadcast(Radio, TV) ∙ mobile network and real-time detection of interference
  • Detection of GNSS signal deception
  • Demodulation and storage of audio ∙video signal of broadcast
  • Signal analaysis, direction finding, location of interfering source
  • Plot the influence range of interfering source on the GIS map
  • Automatic diffusion of event information

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