Integrated Disaster Warning Solution

In-Building Disaster Management Solution

In-Building Disaster Management Solution

 In-Building Disaster Management Solution performs administrative and public broadcasting at all times by linking with public announcement system and facility management system of buildings, and enables rapid situation propagation and response in case of disaster.
Comprehensive Disaster Response Solution in Building
  • In the event of disaster, voice and visual effects are used to propagate the situation while controlling entrance and elevators for quick evacuation

Smart solution considering post-situation propagation
  • After situation propagation, analyzes real-time location of people and guide to evacuate with personnel identification technology developed with integrating smart sensor
  • Increase the speed of rescue by collecting, analyzing, and communicating the information about people who have not been evacuated.
IoT? No! IoE(Internet of Everything)!
  • By using advanced IoE technology, not just IoT, the system in the field can be controlled and managed through smart devices and the situation can be quickly analyzed and controlled from outside.

  • Due to the aging of complex and diverse facilities, there is a potential risk in disaster situations, which leads to increased safety vulnerability. It is necessary to secure safety for each emergency situation according to the space characteristics, because large buildings, for example, have a high probability of being extended to big-scale accidents such as mass casualties when

  • In-Building Disaster Management Solution propagates disaster situation in connection with existing public address system, control speed gate(entrance), elevator, media board in connection with BMS(Building management system) and BAS(Building automation system), and confirms location of residents who have not escaped through linked smart sensor and provides safest evacuation route to their registered smart phone.

Main Features

    Standardization of big-data based information linkage

  • Comprehensive disaster data standardization including various disaster information and smart sensors
  • Sharing standardized disaster data among related agencies

    One-Click Disaster Integration Management Service

  • Save and manage warning scenarios for disasters
  • SOP-based One-click warning and drill command

※ SOP : Standard Operation Procedure is the manual indicated step by step procedures of emergency response in case of disaster

    GIS-based Integrated Disaster Management Visualization

  • Disaster situation monitoring based on GIS 3D Map technology
  • Diversification of content size, representation, and layout according to the usage environment

    Real-time video information of disaster location

  • Real-time on-site video by linking disaster video information system
  • Automatic screen movement and video play of disaster site

   Warning transmitted to disaster devices of different models

  • Real-time situation propagation by using various type of models
  • Situation propagation to related agencies such as disaster agencies and support agencies

    Customized infrastructure control

  • Control facilities in buildings to prevent secondary damage from disaster
  • Customized infrastructure control service considering local and special situation

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